Do you have a favorite view from your second home or a photo of something you’ve always wanted a painting of?  Commission Lucinda to create a painting that will bring you joy for years to come.  Working with Lucinda on painting your special commission is an exciting experience.   Once you have decided on the subject matter, medium and size. Lucinda will begin the commission by photographing the beginning of the process; a blank canvas or watercolor paper.  She takes images of the process, from drawing to completion and will share them with you.  This allows the opportunity to comment on the process and will ensure you will receive what you are looking for.

A few testimonials;

  • “The painting arrived and we are so pleased!  Thank you so much for your talents!!”
  • “The painting is beautiful!  It will be nice to have a piece of great meaning and beauty that means so much to me through my life.”
  • “We were pleasantly surprised to receive the painting so soon.  It is as beautiful as we imagined it could be!”

So you are ready to commission Lucinda, what’s next?  Contact Lucinda to discuss your commission.  Once you’ve discussed your vision, and she knows what medium and size, a deposit is due before the start of the commission.  The balance is due upon completion and approval of the painting.

We received the painting this morning!!!

We are so thrilled and couldn’t be happier with it! I mean, we expected it to be a beautiful painting and loved getting all the updates as you painted….but it is so BEAUTIFUL and perfect. The colors are so rich and you truly were able to capture and create exactly what we had envisioned. 

It’s already been brought to the framer. 

As you know, StThomas is a very special place to our family, and you’ve made it possible for us to have a piece of it in our home. So, thank you, Lucinda….you’re magic with your brush.  

(Pictured right)

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