Are you looking for something completely different to do with your friends or family, and want to create an experience to remember?  In Lucinda’s two-hour watercolor class you and your group will be laughing and having fun while learning how to paint.

The class begins with an introduction to the colors in the palette, then a demonstration on mixing and painting on paper.  Once everyone is settled at their easel, Lucinda works with each student individually to ensure they are creating a painting they will be proud of.  This class is geared to get you unplugged, into nature (if weather permits) and to tap into your inner artist.

This activity is perfect for birthdays, family reunions, bachelorette parties and small office get-togethers.  All you need to do is show up, take the class and take a painting home.  No cleanup.  No hassle.


  • Seriously, don’t be afraid, make a reservation.  Lucinda takes the fear out of painting and she makes it fun!
  • “This is just what I needed!  To get together with my friends and reconnect through art!  We also brought our own wine!  Drinking in class,
    what a blast!”
  • “I couldn’t believe what I created, and I didn’t know how talented
    my mother is!’
  • “We had a 94th birthday party for my father, and the whole family was there.  Now we have a gallery in our hallway of the artwork that was created that day.  What a great memory!”
  • “I have four really close high school friends who took Lucinda’s class with me.  It was a unique way to spend the afternoon with them.  We exchanged our paintings which were like gifts to each other.”

Group classes are with five or more participants.  The fee is $75 per person.  If you would like to have your painting matted like the class below, matting is available for an additional $15 per painting.

There are lots of options for the location of the class.  Lucinda will work with you to determine the best location for your group.

It is about creating and experience for your friends or your family they will remember for years to come.

She takes the fear out of painting and she makes it fun!
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