Lucinda will find out what your goals are for the class, and secure a date to work with your group’s schedule.  She has all the supplies including palettes and will travel anywhere in the Bay Area to offer her class.  This could be at your office, a park, Cavallo Point Lodge (where she is a resident artist), or at a historic property in Sausalito where there are many subjects to paint.  Once an agreement has been made on the date, time and location, she will send you an email to forward to the participants with all the details and logistics they will need to make their class a success.  On the day of the class, Lucinda arrives early at the location to set up the supplies.  Your group arrives, takes the class and they take home a painting.  There is no hassle, and there is no mess to clean up.  It’s really quite easy!

She has heard time and time again how easy it is work with her.  On a recent Yelp review it was written she was not only incredibly easy to communicate with but was very thoughtful with the questions she asked which made planning for their team an absolute breeze.  Reach out to Lucinda today to discuss the possibilities of making your next team building event creative and fun!


Why and How It Works

Find out why a creative art class is right for your next team building event

What is the point of team building?

Often, in our workspace, there is a wall up called “being professional”.  We are not allowed to get to know our colleague in a personal sense, which might work against us when it comes to communicating ideas or bring up difficult topics.  But what if you got to know your fellow employee a bit better though art?   What if you were able to break down those walls and support each other during turbulent times?  A team building activity could pave a way for better communication and support between your colleagues.

Why Art?

As one tech gentleman said it a few weeks ago after one of my watercolor classes.  “I’m an introvert, and this class was perfect for me.  I got to concentrate on my painting and enjoy myself while being with my team.  Some of the employees taking the class came up after and we just started talking about art.  They were surprised at my knowledge of art, and pointed out some of the good things in my painting.  It made me feel good without making me have to interact with them in the beginning.  I’m also going to frame my painting and hang it in my cubicle.”

Create Confidence

As a rule, everyone, including the CEO to the office assistant is probably on the same level when it comes to painting.  Watercolor evens out the field.  Of course, there is a little something called “competition” when it comes to wanting to create the best painting in the group.  Lucinda gives personal attention to each participant which gives each a greater chance of painting something they would be proud of.  One team leader from a Fortune 100 tech company saw how good the paintings were he gathered up everyone’s painting.  He said he would be making reproductions from the originals, frame them and they are now displayed at their campus cafeteria.  Talk about a sense of accomplishment when you see your painting hanging in a show with your fellow teammates.  The employees got to take the originals home as a reminder of that day.

Building Connections

Lucinda has been teaching team building classes to corporates, even before there was such a thing for over 18 years.  She has taught management and teams from Pfizer, 3M, Johnson &. Johnson, Genentech, Zuckerberg/Chan Hospital, Toyota, many tech companies including Quickbooks and IBM. She has even taught the upper management for the San Francisco Zoo!  What stands out the most in all of her classes; the laughter, and the play.  When people create, they are playing.  When people play, they are having fun.  Fun with their fellow employees equals better communication between the team. Go Team!!

Boosting Creativity

Studies have shown if a creative culture is not supported, businesses loose out on innovation.  Being creative is a core leadership skill and a leading factor for future success. It helps with the “out of the box” thinking, taking risks and seeing a way around a problem or seeing an opportunity.  Taking a watercolor class with Lucinda is like meditation with creativity.  You are observing your surroundings and seeing things you might have missed if you were focused on yesterday, or worried about tomorrow.


Creating a professional-looking piece of art in less than 2 hours brings a sense of achievement. When your team finishes the event with something they are truly proud of, they create confidence within themselves…a quality that carries on into the work they do.


Participating in an outdoor art class gives everyone a sense of being on the same level. When your team feels like equals, they naturally re-establish trust and seek to develop commons bonds. Your team will find themselves encouraging each other as they work together on something purely creative.


Creativity is not just for artists. Whether your team is working on a complex project or solving problems for your customers, they need creative thinking to be truly productive. Find out how a creative arts class can re-ignite your team’s creative abilities.

I had hoped to celebrate a special occasion that would achieve a delicate balance between sophistication and comfort.  Lucinda delivered in spades.  She was able to go above and beyond because of the strong communications and organizational skills that she brought to bear in making arrangements, hosting and teaching, and following up.

Ben A, San Francisco

“On my 50th birthday I took my first watercolor art class with Lucinda. That day an artist was born. The painting is framed and named “Encouragement”. Lucinda makes painting fun, creative and an expression of life’s joys. Life can be tough. It is special people like Lucinda that smile and say, “Let’s have fun”. Have fun. Paint with Lucinda!”

Dave Thompson - Mortgage Broker

I was interested in something everyone would enjoy, and learn something about themselves while achieving our goal. My group was at a low point, and with Lucinda’s energy and musing she elevated us by helping with our self-expression and creativity.  I love the fact that Lucinda reveled in each of our successes. It was the high point of our retreat!

Dr. Trish Fleck, Neonatal Boston

Taking your team out of the office to connect and plan for the future is essential, even when your “office“ is the zoo. This year I asked the leadership team to share their individual visions for the next year – and I meant it literally. With the guidance of an artist, they painted what the future could look like for the organization. Without the constraints of text or structure, the activity was both challenging and empowering. The result was a plan that was specific, insightful and visionary. Featured in Smart Business Magazine

Tanya Peterson, San Francisco Zoo

Booked Lucinda for a company paint offsite activity in October. Not only was she incredibly easy to communicate, but was very thoughtful with the questions she asked, making planning a morning for a team of 11 an absolute breeze. The participants said it was one of the best work events they’ve attended, and some have rediscovered a love of painting. Would 10/10 book with Lucinda again.

Marie D - San Francisco

The group had such a great time! Thank you for having everything set up for us and making it so enjoyable! You can’t imagine how much I appreciated how diligent you were throughout the entire booking process.

Maria - Facebook Team

Have questions? Contact Lucinda!

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